The Church by the Side of the Road

(recorded by The Church by the Side of the Road, Pastor Willis Howard)


Written by Reverend W.C. Poole

Thro’ the mist of years I can seem to see The church of my childhood
days; And it’s mem’ries sweet, so with joy replete, Shall live in my
heart alway.

Then on memory’s page I can see again, The
church by the side of the road; And wherever I
roam, it is guiding me home, The church by the side of the road.

And the old, old songs that we used to sing, I’m singing them o’er and
o’er; They give strength and cheer, when the clouds draw near, And lead to the
other shore.


At the place of pray’r, in that little church, I knelt at my mother’s
side; There the Lord I found, it is holy ground, The One who for
sinners died.


There’s a hallowed spot ‘neath the old pine tree, Where mother was laid to
rest; What a joy ’twill be her dear face to see, With Him that I
love the best.



Copyright 1925, by B.D. Ackley, Homer A. Roderheaver, Owner, International Copyright Secured.